About Us

Our Mission

TMA helps farmers protect their revenue and preserve equity by combining crop insurance, crop inputs, and grain marketing. Together our programs reduce risk, increase revenue and improve quality of life for producers.

Our Mentality

TMA believes strongly in our farm-gate approach to help producers manage their risk by combining  educated crop insurance decisions with customized grain marketing strategies.


TMA is a LLC wholly owned by our six partners who own 65 country elevator facilities and two rail loaders for the handling of bulk grain. 

TMA is the grain division for these local cooperatives, and all profits earned by TMA during the year are passed back to these member cooperatives at year-end. 

Who We Are

Team Marketing Alliance, LLC is the grain division for six companies who own more than 65 country elevator facilities and two rail terminals for the handling of bulk grain.

What We Do

All merchandising, logistics, accounting and e-commerce are handled through TMA for six member companies. A team of origination specialists, which TMA keeps on staff, initiates farm-marketing programs.

How We Operate

All profits earned by TMA during the year are passed back to the six partners at year-end. During the year a put thru charge is paid to each elevator for bushels handled along with storage. A five-member board made up of member managers make all board decisions. An associate board member is also assigned from each cooperative's own board.

Where Are We Located

The TMA administrative offices are located at 307 W. Cole Street in Moundridge. Checks and contracts for grain may be made at most offices of the six member companies.


Here you can find the latest forms and documents. If you have any quesitons, please contact TMA at 620-345-3560.

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