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TMA Update Meetings

Dec 17, 2019

Team Marketing Alliance will be hosting its Update Meetings in January 2020. The meetings will bring producers the latest news, information and important deadlines on the topics of crop insurance, grain marketing, the Farm Bill and ARC/PLC programs.

Introducing the TMA Premium Grain Program

Sep 03, 2019

TMA is excited to announce a new premium wheat contract for the 2020 growing year. The TMA Premium Grain Program will allow producers who purchase an approved variety of certified seed wheat from a TMA member and deliver to a specific location to receive a $0.10 per bushel premium for their grain.

Fully Insure Double Crop Soybeans with TMA

Mar 06, 2019

Insure full season soybeans by March 15 with a TMA crop insurance specialist to create the opportunity to insure double crop soybeans through the federal program.

Download the TMA Grain Mobile App

Oct 01, 2018

Download the new TMA Mobile App today! Easily access account information from TMA from wherever you are. Features include bid sheets and market information, and view contracts and delivery tickets from the field, in the office or even the shop.

TMA Can Help Protect Grazing and Haying Acres Through PRF Insurance

Oct 01, 2018

PRF is an extremely affordable, highly subsidized plan of insurance and offers a great way to offset the cost of additional feed expenses in times of drought.

Business with Yourself Just Makes Sense

May 30, 2018

Nearly 10 years ago the member cooperatives of TMA embarked on a journey to rejuvenate their grain handling assets.

Planning for Success

Apr 23, 2018

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Success is often the product of countless hours of preparation and hard work that results in an excellent outcome.

Equal verse Equitable

Oct 18, 2017

It is the responsibility of the country elevator system to provide a fair price for the quality of grain delivered to that location. Fair is a matter of perception in almost all situations.

Tough Times Equal Opportunity

May 03, 2017

Commodity prices for grains may not be what many are hoping for at the moment with prices below break-even in many cases. Markets have switched from a demand to a supply driven markets with the abundance of grain stocks we have seen all throughout the world.