Speciality crop BIDS


Canola Pricing Change: Prices will fluctuate with the market during the trading session. For a current cash price, please contact your TMA representative.

Canola Bids - 9/14/2020

Sumner County
  $5.82/bushel  Change    +0.10
  $11.65/cwt  Change    +0.22
Basis: -185.00


No bid available at this time.

Sunflower Bids - 9/14/2020

 August delivery
TMA locations for NuSun: Abilene, Florence & Whiteside
  NuSun - $15.20/cwt   +.10 (change)
TMA locations for Hi-Oliec: Lindsborg, Marion & Newton
  Hi-Oleic - $16.20/cwt    +.10 (change)

O-N-D / 2020 New Crop Delivery
  NuSun - $15.20/cwt         +.10 (change)
  Hi-Oleic - $16.20/cwt      +.10 (change)