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Tax Ruling

Through a requested IRS Private Letter Ruling, TMA’s partnered cooperatives have found a path to pass on a significant tax deduction. See details

Establishing the Value of a Grain Bid

An article on transparency in the grain market.   See details

Business with Yourself Just Makes Sense

Nearly 10 years ago the member cooperatives of TMA embarked on a journey to rejuvenate their grain handling assets. At that point in time, we could see our customers’ ability to harvest and deliver grain was increasing rapidly and would soon out pace our elevators unloading capacities. This realization has focused TMA’s quest to provide an extraordinary customer experience and remain relevant for the next generation.

The rate of change each of us experience on a daily basis is astonishing. When we started this journey, the average load of grain delivered to the elevator was around 325 bushels. Today it has more than doubled to 775 bushels per load. Examples similar to this type of growth can be found in every aspect of production agriculture and puts an extreme strain on the infrastructures of the entire industry, including your cooperative’s grain elevators. This strain leaves your co-op with the choice to use the existing assets until they are obsolete or to do what our cooperative forefathers did, band together and create infrastructures to support the next generation.

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Establishing the Value of a Grain Bid: an Article on Transparency in the Grain Market

Grain companies look at variables in their market place on a daily basis to arrive at a single bid for the commodities they handle. The goal is to arrive at a value which is fair to the producers. Transportation, markets and direct costs are complex factors that make up the local cash price of the commodity. Transportation is a variable cost which moves on a daily basis and can greatly affect the value of commodities. Truck freight can move up or down depending on the supply and demand. Rail freight is another variable which affects all markets, including those not tied directly to a rail line.


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